Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mobile Ubiquity – Media Strategy for the Long Run

Mobile Ubiquity – Media Strategy for the Long Run

Many marketers testing the mobile waters today look at the medium as merely another media channel, one through which to reach consumers on the go in highly targeted and effective ways. Certainly this perception is true in many ways. No other medium in human history has the ability to target people through various means from high reach awareness programs through to microscopically-granular messaging directly at the point of purchase. Mobile trumps all other media in this way, with a laser-focus all the way down to the shopping isle. 

Even though this reach capability along the path to purchase is unique to mobile, taking a campaign-by-campaign approach to the medium as an advertising channel, sells mobile short. 

With the advent of digital media a couple decades ago [yes, it has only been this long] marketers quickly adopted a long term approach to their marketing efforts through the adoption of customer relationship marketing and the almighty database. Email has reigned king since this time, even while email boxes clogged with unopened email and spam proliferated with offers of millions in dollars in payoffs from the estates of foreign financial elite and free giveaways with no catch but signing up for a mile-long list of offers that essentially sold the user’s soul to the devil.  Still the value of a long-run approach to marketing and advertising via database builds.

Certainly in no way were marketers off-track on this approach. The ability to capture a consumer’s email address extended the value of advertising programs to remarketing efforts, brand loyalty programs and a host of other highly-targeted, customer relationship initiatives that took each advertising effort and stretched its sights to the long term value of each and every customer touch point. 

The fact remains that email is a still pretty effective but when one compares its effectiveness with mobile and SMS messaging, the true power of mobile as a customer communication tools makes email pale in comparison. The average email open rate falls somewhere below 5%. So for you math wizards out there, for every 100 email sent only 5 are actually even opened. Those numbers aren’t great. And when you add on the high rates of opting out of subscription from messaging burn and an overabundance of clutter, some postulate that email may be a dying marketing communication channel. Comparatively speaking, 95% of SMS messages are opened in the first five minutes of receipt, with the overall open rate closer to 100%! And with the right opt-in language in place, SMS enables high-octane marketing tactics such as geofencing, mobile couponing and point-of-purchase initiatives that reach consumers as they’re out in the world making those purchase decisions critical to all marketers business performance goals. 

When done right, SMS not only delivers on the aforementioned state-of-the-art marketing tactics, but it also formulates deep customer relationships, that over time build unparalleled brand equity, loyalty and advocacy that turn customers into marketing allies. 

Take all of this into play and add in the ability for mobile to be completely ubiquitous and ‘always on’ with the use of SMS, MMS, QR and the burgeoning response technology delivered through AR and NFC and you have the ability to now reach consumers in multiple ways, through rich and engaging experiences and so do through every other media channel at marketers disposal. Mobile is always on, and its ability for ubiquity takes the long term approach to customer relationship management and communications to every consumer touch point, while amplifying the value of each advertising and marketing initiative through the lifetime value of each and every consumer out there.

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