Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Mobile Phone & You - Part III - The Future

Sep 22, 2011
The Mobile Phone & You - Part 3 - The Future

It wasn’t as easy writing about the future of mobile as it was the past and present. I wonder if Charles Dickens had the same problem when he wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’?

So where is mobile going? It’s anyone’s guess really but developments in the space are taking human interaction and access to information and knowledge to new places. We can only apply a degree of what is now science fiction to postulate what the future science will deliver in our world of the future. If my 12-Year-Old’s 6000 text messages in one month is any indication how it’s changing communication, we’re in for a very different human experience.

A recent article on Mashable, 8 Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future, the first five of the eight technologies mentioned are directly related to wireless technology. From the smart phones we know and love today, to seamlessly integrated augmented reality, amplified processing power, applications for everything life has to offer, lightning-quick data speeds and extensions of wireless data access beyond devices themselves and into the fabric of the world around us is going to impact human communication and culture in ways we don’t even yet realize. Mobile wallets, geolocation, retinal scanners, implants, nanotechnology – what does the wireless world look like in the future? Use your imagination.

Will the wireless future play a part in improving the very fabric of human capability or will it cripple us with an overreliance on the tech around us where any answer, any direction, and choice is spoon fed to us through a massive net of cloud-powered data, logic and algorithmic deductions?

Will we all live to see the future point in human evolution known as the singularity where the lines between humans and machines disappear and how will wireless technology play into that evolution? At the end of the day we’re all hurtling through space on this beautiful, blue marble and it’s anyone’s guess.

Guy Borgford
Director Mobile Advertising Solution, Hipcricket


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