Sunday, October 3, 2010

Social Media and Direct Response - Mashing Up Old and New

Mashable recently posted an article about driving response through social media marketing initiatives. It took me back to my old-skool direct response print days and at the same time, brought in my years of experience developing and creating interactive direct response programs for clients.

With the advent of social media, the old-skool rules of DR still come into play. I think what happens is marketers continue to think that it's about getting the LIKE, or the SHARE. In the case of the mashable post, their goal was getting donations and that's where the focus needed to be from the get-go. All the Likes and Shares don't mean squat unless what's being shared is the call to action to donate and a direct link to a page where people can drop their credit card.

The mashing up of social media initiatives and a DR calls to action necessitates discipline. One needs to define ONE action at a time. If donating is the key action, then messaging in social media needs to center around that...not LIKES, not posting or anything else. For those who donate online it needs to be made easy for them to then post to their social graphs that they donated...and the resulting link back needs to go directly to the donation page and call to action. The more steps we expect consumers to take, the more likely they are to fall off our path.

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