Monday, October 25, 2010

Crowdsourcing Promotion Using Social Media

In yesterday’s Clickz article, “Crowdsourcing – An Efficient and Disruptive Force in Digital Marketing”, author Robin Neifield discusses the efficiencies and benefits of crowdsourcing video production for online initiatives. It made me think about a client I’m currently working with whose model is very much in the realm of crowdsourcing but on the promotional side.
With many marketers still struggling to get their heads around social media new solutions are popping up to take advantage of the social media revolution – no doubt this phenomenon came on fast and it came on big, so the lag to fully grasp and utilize social media is understandable.

The young startup I’m working with enables the social graph and the power of crowdsourcing to effectively take the guess work out of social media executions. With a CPA model – and that’s Cost Per Action, a platform agnostic technology, rewards on the user side and deep connections in the music space, they certainly seem to have all sides covered.

With around 40k monthly active users and growing fast and a user profile indicative of the social influencers so many brands are looking to reach, their advertiser appeal is already getting traction, with brands such as Airwalk and Rockstar already utilizing their platform. Imprinting their promotions within the social graph, their campaigns are inherently viral, as social media news feeds, tweets and profile postings expand the core reach to the millions. And research is pouring out over the value of social network recommendations over traditional online advertising approaches as this ‘word of mouth’ type of promotion takes messaging to the realm of the personal recommendation.

Crowdsourcing has it place in many channels in the digital space and none more powerful than marketing and promotions – the key is to create the hooks that turn the inhabitants of the crowd into your brand ambassadors and your effective digital ‘street team’ – make it worth their while, make it relevant to their lives, and create value across the chain and watch the crowd move your marketing.

Stay tuned for more information about this value-packed approach to social media marketing and if you have any questions in the meantime, email me at

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  1. I would love to learn more about this company. It sounds amazingly interesting.