Saturday, September 11, 2010

Extending the TV Experience - Wetpaint

Web publisher, Wetpaint, looks to add come color to the TV Show fan scene with it’s collection of destination web sites that focus on some of TV’s hottest shows.

With a razor-sharp focus on the 18-34yo female demographic, a state-of-the-art publishing system and daily content pouring forth from a team of seasoned editors, this scrappy Seattle startup looks to fill a void where TV leaves off and the network sites and gossip sites don’t completely cover.

Wetpaint’s foray into the web space started with it’s 1.0 platform, which allows anyone to easily create a web site using their back end publishing system and hosting services. After a couple years live, this system grew to hundreds of thousands of independent web sites and close to 10 million UU per month.

Analytics of the data showed that come of the most consistently popular sites in that system were fan sites devoted to popular TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. With advertisers shying away from UGC content, the executive team led my Ben Elowitz put 2 and 2 together and forged this new strategy around these marquee entertainment titles.

I was fortunate enough to work with Ben on the development of the company’s media kit and sponsorship strategy, where the flexible publishing system and rich palette of content and promotional opportunities, creates what could be a magnet for entertainment, beauty and fashion advertisers and a host of other consumer verticals looking to reach this elusive and fragmented demographic.

Shown here are a couple examples of slides from the media kit, where I develop graphics, layout, copy and sponsorship hooks around this promising new media property.

To read more about Wetpaint, check out this article:

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